Sunday, January 15, 2006

China: Nation Must Remain Alert to Bird Flu Threat

The bird flu death toll on the Chinese mainland has risen to five, after two more people died of the H5N1 virus last week. The situation is also very serious in Turkey, where 18 people have reportedly been infected with the virus, of whom two have died. From November 16 last year, when the first human infection on the mainland was reported, there have been eight confirmed cases of avian influenza.

Two more deaths are a warning that the situation is still serious, and that we must never slacken efforts in monitoring and preventative work. Xinhua News Agency quoted a notice from the Ministry of Health saying no contact with wild birds or domestic fowl was reported in some instances of infection at home and abroad. This indicates there may be unknown sources of infection, which has made monitoring and preventative work even more difficult. Read More ....

Source: China Daily
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