Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Indonesia: Brother of Bird Flu Victim Dies

A three-year-old boy suffering symptoms of bird flu died earlier today (Tuesday), days after his sister passed away and tested positive for the virus, a health official said. Initial tests on the boy were not conclusive and will be repeated, Ministry of Health official Hariyadi Wibisono told AFP. Further tests were being carried out at a Hong Kong laboratory accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) to confirm the results. Read More ....

Source: AFP via The Jakarta Post

I'm guessing that the HongKong lab which is where the test results will confirmed is located in Kowloon and run by Dr Wilina Lim (Fax: +852 2319 5989) who is part of the Government Virus Unit. Dr. Lim's lab is the only one in Hong Kong that is recognized as a National Influenza Center and accredited by WHO. Have sent an email and a fax to Dr. Lim in the hope that he might confirm that tests of the latest H5N1 victim in Indonesia is being carried out under his guidance and will also be able to shed some light on the test results of the latest death.

Am not expecting an answer anytime soon nor am I expecting him to release information that some might consider 'confidential' but if there is something that he mentions in terms of diseases prevention, you'll be sure to see in on here. It is quite obvious that we need more information from the test results to be made transparent by such labs such as recent sequence data, tree subset selections, different H5N1 strains and better interpretations for existing tree charts that would help volunteering researchers and scientists like Rudi and Dr. Nimaan who have come forward to assist us all in terms of technical interpretations and discussions.
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