Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lebanon: Now in the Bird Flu 'Circle of Danger'

"Lebanon is now in a state of alert as a result of the bird flu cases reported in countries relatively close to Lebanon," said Agriculture Minister Talal Sahili reassuring that till the moment "no bird flu cases have been reported in Lebanon." Following a meeting Friday with Premier Fouad Siniora and Health Minister Mohammed Khalifeh, Sahili said "with the spread of the disease in Turkey, this means that Lebanon is in the circle of danger."

He added that there is a laboratory ready in Fanar to test bird samples. "The laboratory still receives between 50 to 100 samples daily, and there remains no trace of the bird flu disease." The minister called on all citizens who raise chicken and birds to "isolate the birds in coops to prevent them from getting in contact with the migrating birds and keep them away from children." For any suspicions about bird flu cases, citizens are asked to contact the following numbers: 03-626215 and 01-848445. Read More ....

Source: The Daily Star
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