Thursday, January 12, 2006

Turkey: Signs of Recovery Console Turks Hit by Bird Flu

In the children's ward where the Turkish victims of bird flu died, eight-year-old Sumeyye Mamuk has recovered enough to wander the corridor and watch as doctors tend to sicker children lying suffering in bed. Nine days earlier she was laid low with fever after hugging a sick chicken at her home in Van, eastern Turkey. All 28 children in the ward fell ill after touching poultry, a daily reality for locals ignorant of the dangers until the flu outbreak.

Back at her home in a poor district of the city, Sumeyye's brothers smile when shown a video of her. Until now they have only seen her through the glass doors of the isolated ward, which is only open to staff wearing protective clothing. A Reuters reporter was given permission to enter the ward. Read More ....

Source: The New Zealand Herald via Bird Flu Prevent
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