Sunday, January 15, 2006

France: Installations of Thermal Imaging Cameras at Airports to Detect Avian Flu

France is installing infra red cameras at the nations major airports to scan arriving passengers for elevated body temperature, according to the camera manufacturer press release. This is a precaution to have people checked for fever, which could be the result of avian flu infection or other contagious disease.The French Ministry of Health has ordered systems that will be deployed in six airports throughout France.

The systems will be used to quickly detect the presence of fever in passengers arriving from certain destinations. A major US technology manufacturing company has also ordered systems for use at its overseas manufacturing facilities. The systems will be used to identify fever in arriving employees. Both customers chose the FLIR ThermaCam(R) A20(TM) system, which offers software specifically designed for this application. Read More ....

Source: FLIR Systems via Technocrat
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