Friday, January 20, 2006

USA: Health Experts Prepare for Avian Flu

A panel of six Stanford health experts discussed preparation for a pandemic, offered advice for individuals hoping to minimize their risk and debated how great a threat avian flu could be after the screening of a PBS documentary in Fairchild Auditorium last night. The presentation took an alarmist tone at points.

“The general consensus among scientists who are studying this is that it is not a matter of if a pandemic will happen, but when,” said panel moderator Microbiology and Immunology Prof. Lucy Tompkins, after the documentary.

When asked to offer an estimate of how many could be infected, Tompkins told the audience that an outbreak could compare to the 1918 bird flu that killed more than 20 million people across the world, a number greater than total dead from shots fired in World War One. Read More ....

Source: The Stanford Daily
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