Friday, January 20, 2006

Hong Kong: H5N1-Positive Wild Bird Carcass, But No Bird Flu

A dead wild bird in Hong Kong has been confirmed of positive to the virus of H5N1, announced the local authorities on Thursday, but they dismissed the fear that there is an outbreak of avian influenza in the city. However, "there's no cause of alarm," said the official, for patrol conducted in a five kilometer-radius circle had found no avian influenza on poultry farms.

Neither did further survey over Hong Kong's other poultry farms find bird flu, caused by H5N1, or poultry abnormality, the official told a news conference broadcast live. The authorities therefore decided to keep open a wetland park, where the body of the wild bird was found. Laboratory tests had confirmed that the wild bird was positive to the virus of H5N1, which has caused the bird flu now epidemic around the world. Read More ....

Source: The People's Daily

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